Chantelle & Uke

5 days 12 hours ago

I got to play drums at a small ensemble rehearsal today, mainly playing big band/swing style music. It was so great to just play music with other people and start reading charts again. I’m not a huge fan of electronic drum kits (hello MIDI cymbal rolls!), but it was already there for me to use and definitely much easier than carting around my acoustic kit!

Chantelle & Uke

1 week 2 days ago

Always working on something new 👍

Chantelle & Uke

2 weeks 19 hours ago

I always love the annual compilation bonus podcasts that Meredith puts together on Ukulele Is The New Black.

They are always an amazing summary of everything we love about the ukulele, the amazing community and how the instrument has changed our lives.

This one is extra special because I’m in it ❤️

I recorded an episode with Meredith back in February 2020 (released in March), and I can’t believe it has actually been less than a year since then. So much has changed in the world that it feels so much longer.

The compilation also features several other wonderful ukulele friends from Australia including All the Way Home, Duplicity Live and Uke Mullum (Stukulele).

Thanks so much Meredith!

Chantelle & Uke

3 weeks 2 days ago

I don’t play piano, but this keyboard is such an important piece of equipment in my music room. I use it to work on theory and analyse chords, I run vocal homework and exercises on it, play through melodies for new songs I’m learning and then figuring out other melodies by ear. The ability to plug it into my computer using MIDI is really handy too. It seems like a funny thing to have an instrument in here that I don’t actually play, especially given my limited space, but it really does help a lot for so many things.

Chantelle & Uke

3 weeks 6 days ago

Thanks so much Jack & the Vox for playing my song “Aussie Christmas” on your special Christmas show today ❤️

The whole concert was hilarious and so much fun. My song is played around the 21:40 mark.

I’m such a big fan of these guys, so this was very, very cool 👍👍👍