Ukulele Workshops

As an experienced ukulele group leader, I am also able to run a wide variety of ukulele workshops.

I have presented workshops in person at Newkulele Festival (NSW), Hills Ukulele Festival (VIC), Spruke Ukulele Festival (QLD) and Briagolong Ukulele Festival (VIC). I have also run workshops remotely via Zoom during the pandemic for the Hills Ukulele Festival (VIC), the Blue Mugs (NSW) and Goldfields Ukestra (VIC).

I am a professional trainer in my work life, and also hold current public liability insurance to cover workshops.

The types of ukulele workshops that I could run for your event include:

  • Beginners
    • Beginners / kids
    • Basic strumming / picking patterns
    • Reading sheet music notation & rhythms
    • How to layer group sounds
    • Music theory basics using ukulele
    • Performance Basics
  • Intermediate
    • Moveable barre chords
    • Introduction to jazz ukulele
    • Learn the fretboard
    • Basic chord theory
    • Transposition
  • Advanced
    • Jazz chord theory
    • Intro to chord melody


Chantelle’s ‘Introduction to Jazz’ workshop was delivered with passion and skill at the Briagolong Ukulele Festival. She presented a fully interactive program giving participants many options depending on their skill level. Chantelle’s mastery of this genre was evident and the varied approaches to applying these techniques to the ukulele was much appreciated.

This workshop was however, just one of many workshops that Chantelle offers. She has been invited back to share a different skill set at a future ukulele event.

Chantelle is a seasoned solo performer and has developed her own unique style. She has a wonderful voice which is complimented by her musicianship on the ukulele. At our festival’s concert finale, she offered us a set that ranged from well-crafted original songs to beautifully arranged classics.

Chantelle is highly recommended as both a workshop leader and performer.

Julie Bradley, Festival Director, Briagolong Ukulele Festival, VIC. April 2022.

Chantelle is a leader of a group that I attend, Balla Balla Ukes. She leads us as a group in regular singalongs, making for a happy, fun and most enjoyable meeting. As part of this group she also leads workshops in all aspects of ukulele playing and aims at informing all of our group at all levels of playing ability. I have learned so much from these, in a relaxed atmosphere which has enriched my playing experience and enjoyment of ukulele at the same time as inspiring me to continue to learn. She takes the time to ensure that I have understood and makes herself available for any questions. She is very approachable.

I have especially enjoyed playing within a group and learning about ensemble playing and layering sounds. She has helped me understand barre chords, reading music and so much more.

Chantelle is a talented musician who cleverly shares her passion and encourages and inspires others. I would highly recommend attendance at her workshops.

Wendy Scott, Balla Balla Ukes, VIC. July 2022.

A huge thank you to Chantelle for providing an amazing Zoom workshop for the members of Goldfields Ukestra during COVID lockdown. With her gentle and patient teaching style, Chantelle demystified the complexities of learning the notes on our fretboard and inspired many of our members to have a go at improvising for the first time.

I’d highly recommend Chantelle as a workshop presenter for your ukulele group or festival. She goes above and beyond to differentiate her instruction, ensuring everyone learns something and has fun at the same time.

Kim Burns, Musical Director, Goldfields Ukestra, VIC. June 2020.

There are amazing performers and there are amazing workshop leaders. They are not always the same person. Chantelle & Uke was a brilliant addition to the 2020 Hills Online Ukulele Festival.

Her workshop was extremely well received by over one hundred participants with great engagement and glowing feedback. Her following set was filled with wonderfully original songs and stunning jazz covers.

I highly recommend Chantelle for festivals, workshops and performances. I will certainly be asking her to perform again in the future.

Dan MacEoin, Festival Director, Hills Ukulele Festival, VIC. May 2020.

Aloha Chantelle! Thanks for the great workshop you presented online last night. We are grateful that you were able to run your ‘patterns to help learn the notes on the fretboard’ workshop out of quarantine for us.

Our ZOOM group is made up of people with a huge range of skills and you were able to pitch the workshop so everyone no matter the skill level was encouraged to extend themselves – no pressure, just encouragement.

Looking forward to your next workshop.

Steve for The Blue MUGS, NSW. October 2020.

Chantelle is a friendly teacher who is equally passionate about her music specialty as she is about the craft of teaching. She has a talent for translating complex information to students in a clear, simple and often humorous way. Chantelle goes beyond expectations to help students learn by supplying relevant material in class, in newsletters and updates and at events. We are very fortunate to have her as our ukulele teacher at Balla Balla Community Centre. 

Paula Mackie, Balla Balla Ukes, VIC. June 2020.

Chantelle is a great uke teacher, one of the best I have seen. I have attended a few of her workshops and they are always well structured and progressive, suitable for all skill levels. Chantelle has the ability to help beginners while also extending advanced players. I leave every workshop with new skills and knowledge.

Chantelle is a trainer in her day job and her experience teaching adults is obvious, it’s different from teaching children. Chantelle manages the class group and gets everyone involved. If you can go to one of her workshops, sign up ASAP, you will learn a lot and it will fill up fast.

Matthew Robinson, Balla Balla Ukes, VIC. June 2020.