Balla Balla Ukes

The Balla Balla Ukes have been an active community ukulele group in the Cranbourne, Victoria area since October 2017.

They were initially formed by Chantelle Riordan and Sharon Start and quickly adapted from one large strum group to an entire afternoon of ukulele fun in order to accomodate players of diverse skill levels, ensuring everyone is kept challenged.

The group is currently run by Chantelle Riordan and Danny Hume. They cater for beginners through to more advanced players.

The Balla Balla Ukes have grown to be a popular community music ensemble and often perform at various ukulele festivals throughout Victoria and other local events such as the Berwick Show and community carols.

The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at Balla Balla Community Centre in Cranbourne.

  • Beginners 1-2pm (Danny)
  • Strum session 2-3pm (Danny)
  • Technical skills/workshop 3-4pm (Chantelle)
  • Performance ensemble 4-5pm (Chantelle)

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I am one of the main instructors and organisers for the Balla Balla Ukes – we’ve grown a lot since this photo!
Balla Balla Ukes at Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2019
Balla Balla Ukes at the Berwick Show 2019
Balla Balla Ukes playing Christmas Carols in store at Cranbourne Music 2018
Balla Balla Ukes at Mornington Railway 2018
Balla Balla Ukes at BAD Folk 2018
Balla Balla Ukes at Casey Lifestyle Village