July 2019 Update

Ukulele & Vocals

I performed at the SECAN Artists Network “Strip Art” event, featuring art in a 3:1 “strip” ratio. That’s right – it’s not what you thought it meant! This was a great event with many of the artists singing along to my background music as they checked out the artwork in the gallery.

I’ve also been trying out some new songs this month at some open mics, and I particularly like this random cheeky photo where I seem to be mid-joke. That’s pretty much me!


A big focus this month, and in the next few months to come, has been working on this jazz gig for September. I have assembled a 7 piece band to accompany me at this charity fundraiser night, supporting the Cranbourne Food Truck. This is something I’m really excited about and I can’t wait to perform these iconic jazz standards. Definitely a date to keep in your diaries!


My friend Jan Dandridge is also known as ‘Little Miss Country’ and she assembled a country band for a set at the Mitchum Social. We had vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, cello and me on drums! I also sang a few songs in the set to break things up a bit – which was an interesting thing to do while I was playing drums! It worked really well and the crowd were really engaged for the 3 sets of music we played.