August 2019 Update

Ukulele & Vocals

This month I performed at the wonderful Open Studios event hosted by the City of Casey. The event is a bus tour of local artist galleries and features many talented visual artists in our municipality. I was asked to perform both at one of the galleries – “Gate 6” at Akoonah Park for the SECAN Artists Network, as well as the event closing party for council at the Bunjil Place Studio. The local artists community are very supportive of me and often book me for arts functions. It’s so great to attend these events as background music and have them all singing along as they enjoy the artwork.


This gig is getting closer now! We’ve been spending a lot of time rehearsing these songs to have them ready for next month – and they are sounding great! We’ll be featuring songs by Ella, Buble, Sinatra, Norah Jones, Peggy Lee – all the greats! Keep this one in your diary!


The Cranbourne Lions Concert Band had their annual trivia night concert – an awesome event where the band plays and then there are questions based on the music. In addition to playing drums, xylophone/glockenspiel and timpani, I also sang two numbers – ‘Route 66’ and ‘Summertime’.


I’ve also been attending rehearsals for a big production of ‘Carmina Burana’ with the Casey Philharmonic Orchestra, several choirs and amazing classical vocalists. I was in the percussion section helping out and trying to remember the traditional names for the percussion instruments. T.Basc = tambourine, Piatti = Cymbals, C. Chiara = Snare Drum, Gr. Cassa = Bass Drum. There were also a lot of other fun names that had to be googled to work out which instruments they were referring to!