April 2019 Update

This has been such a huge month!

Ukulele & Vocals

The main performance event for me this month was the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival, which took place in Kenilworth, Queensland. I had a fantastic time at this festival. I got to meet really lovely people, jam with other musicians, perform on the Festival Village Stage, saw amazing acts and received really helpful feedback and tips on songwriting.

This is one of my favourite photos from the Sunshine Coast Ukulele festival. On the left we have the beautiful Melbourne based duo “All the way home”; next is the amazing Victoria Vox who helped me in a huge way with really constructive songwriting help; the UkeBox boys from the UK were really fun; then there’s me, happy to be in this photo; next to me in Lynne, one of the festival directors; and finally Richard, one of the songwriting contest judges.

Earlier in the month I also had my first ever spot act at Peninsula Folk Club, and received really lovely feedback from the audience and an encouragement to keep producing original songs.

While I was in Queensland, I also filmed a new video for my original song, “Storm” on location at Cannard Hats. They supplied me with an amazing view and a beautiful hat to wear in the video. Their hats are amazing, so if you want a custom hat, make sure you check them out.

I also dropped in to the Aussie Rock program on Casey Radio as a special guest. The guys there had seen me perform at the Berwick Show earlier this year and were keen for me to be part of their show. I sang three iconic Australian songs with my ukulele live on the air. Such a fun experience!

Live on the air with the Aussie Rock program on Casey Radio. From Left: Joel, Elvo and Noddy.

I’ve also been working hard behind the scenes on some jazz ensemble music, and it was great this time to also include an alto sax into the mix. Stay tuned for more on my jazz journey!


This month also saw the National Band Championships, a major music event for most brass bands in Australia. I played with the City of Greater Dandenong Band in B Grade. We came 7th overall out of a field of 16 bands, and placed 4th in the Own Choice major work and the Stage March.

With the City of Greater Dandenong Band

I also marched in the City of Greater Dandenong ANZAC Day parade, something I have done for the last 8 years. ANZAC Day is a very important day in the Australian calendar, honouring those that have served or been lost in war.

I marched with a snare drum in the parade, which was a change as I’m normally the bass drummer!
Single taps as the band marches in a single line before reforming ready to march back up the hill.

Earlier in the month I also filled in for the Chelsea Concert Band playing at the City of Kingston’s Citizenship Cermony. This was a really wonderful thing to do, watching as people officially became Australian citizens.